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Daryl Dancer is known as Captain Daryl, the Bear Lady and the creator and founder of the Experience Nature Revolution and the Experience Nature Academy.

Daryl began her outdoor adventures as a young woman exploring the Canadian Shield by canoe. Then, there was her epic journey along the St. Lawrence Seaway starting at the head of Lake Superior ending at Summerside in the Northumberland Strait, in her brand new 1982 C&C 25. Her next marine adventure accomplishment was qualifying as a Coxswain in charge of a rescue crew with the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue.

As an outdoor enthusiast she has had for years a love but fearful relationship with nature until at the age of 47 when that relationship changed to one of love, respect and sharing. Everything changed when Daryl had a chance to become a professional bear viewing guide and wildlife naturalist, but... first she had to push through her fear of bears!

That was over a decade ago and over 1000 day trips by water into remote wilderness areas. As a captain and an industry recognized full bear viewing guide, Daryl has provided a safe and respectable viewing opportunity for over 10,000 clients from around the world, so they can experience a personal life time connection with bears, whales and their natural surroundings.

Today Daryl, helps individuals to connect with nature, so they can feel more calm, confident, focused and engaged with their life.