Going Crazy for Food!

Tis the season for hyperphagia, which means crazy for food. This is the time of the year when bears become crazy for food. Finding as many calories as possible and eating for as many as 23 hours a day. This grizzly mom joined us for lunch and what’s on her menu? When the tide is…

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A Perfect Spring Day

Today was the perfect spring day! Glassy, calm waters. Breath taking snow capped mountains back dropped by robin egg blue skies. The morning started with Dals Porpoise swimming around the boat and playing in the bow wake as I warmed up the engines. And the waters just as calm and glassy in Knight Inlet with…

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WildLife Trees

Over 90 species in British Columbia use wildlife trees for nesting, food, hiding and growing on. Wildlife trees are tress that are dead or dying and are very important to the ecosystem. Check out the video to find out how long it takes for a tree to return to the soil and how to identify…

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