Is Busyness Taking Control of Your Day? Part 1

It’s not the kind of cars you drive anymore, it’s how busy you are, how many activities you are in, and the bumperstickers on your car – that shows status.”
– Becky De Greeff

Society has become a culture of busyness, where the appearance of being busy has become not just a way of life, but also glamourous. It is now seen as a sign of high social status.

Busyness has become a badge of honour, whom ever is the busiest is the queen of the neighbourhood.

Has busyness really become a way of life?

Professional women are being bogged down with busyness believing that to be the best they need to fill their schedules with as many tasks as possible. And if they are not busy they are seen to be lazy.

I appreciate how busy you are, so each post in this series will be short and sweet. When you follow along…

By the end of this three part series on “Busyness” you will know:

  • What busyness is and how it keeps professional women burnt out, time starved and stretched too thin between home and work,
  • What happens when busyness takes control of professional women, emotionally and physically. And most importantly,
  • How to control busyness with practical strategies you can use right away to take back control of your day!

What is Busyness?

Busyness Is…. Trying to accomplish too many tasks all on the same day!


Busyness makes lifeFrenzied, Forgetful, Furious and Frantic.



Can you feel it?

WITHOUT BUSYNESS LIFE Can Be… Calm, Cool, Curious, Creative and Courteous



Now how would that feel?

To summarize you now know the definition of Busyness and what it feels like when busyness takes over the day.
In the next part of this three part series, you will learn what happens when busyness takes control and how it affects professional women, emotionally and physically.

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So until next time remember….. “IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!
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